WD My Passport Ultra not loading

I am having problem with WD My Passport Ultra. It was working fine even yesterday - working both with windows 7 and 10. However today I am seeing the following

When I plugin the passport ultra to my computer it makes some weird noise and then after 2-3 mins the noise stops. During the whole time the led shows a solid white.

I can see it as “Mass storage Device” under device manager but I can not see it under my computer

Hi there,

Check Disk Management to see the status of the drive. You can access Disk Management by right clicking the Windows logo and select ‘Disk Management’ on Windows 10.
The drive’s partition should show Blue, healthy and formatted NTFS.

Thanks for your reply. I was refering to my external hard drive. As mentioned it does not even appear as a drive. So, not sure how could I check the status - kindly let me know.



I have almost the same issue. I cannot see the external Drive (WD my Passport Ultra) anymore. sometimes I see a folder (H:) under my Computer but I cannot open it and if I do right-click, it just hung.

the white led is either flashing or continuous white and I can hear a continuous sound.

Does this means the disk is defected and I lost the data?

Is there a call center for support so I can contact to reterive the data and fix it?

Appreciate your help as I have valuable data on it!

Many Thanks,

I heard a stronger noise for 1 second ten I could see it and open the drive again under my computer just for 1 minute then it disappeared and cannot see it anymore. I think there is something wrong in the hardware. do you know where I can repair the hardware knowing that the first time the problem happened, it fall down so maybe something smashed inside?