Strange off and on problem with My Passport Ultra

My Passport Ultra worked OK till a couple of months ago and works OK now except that every day or so the problems below occur. I am on Windows 10, Dell PC.

Main problem:
When I click on any folder in My Passport, nothing happens, the screen dims, and in a few seconds a notice says it is not responding. The computer is frozen and nothing that I do will close the program. If I unplug My Passport, the computer immediately returns to normal and My Passport works OK again until the next time, which is every day or so.

Connected problems:
When I click on the Recycle Bin, it will not open or opens with a message “working on it” but it never opens. I unplug My Passport and the Recycle Bin immediately opens normally.

Also, sometimes when I restart the PC it hangs during restart. Unplugging My Passport allows a normal restart.

When My Passport is working OK, nothing that I do on My Passport causes the problems above to occur. It seems the problem is on some sort of schedule. I have done ALL the WD and Windows tests and virus scans and they report no problems and the drive is OK. I have reloaded the drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled the device and tried different USB 2 or 3 ports. The drive works fine if I wait to plug it in until I am ready to use it for a backup or whatever and then unplug it when I am finished. It is only at 10% capacity.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi tcreek,

Looks like the drive partition may have gone bad. please refer to the following links below for instructions.


For Replacement of WD Drive