My passport ultra apparently dead

Hi guys!
Im hoping someone here can help
I have a 500gb My Passport Ultra which is approx 9 months old.
Use it mainly for films to watch on my TV but also have some important files- photos etc backed up on it
All was fine until around a week ago when the TV stopped recognising the drive
I plugged it in to the PC and it was not recognised here either- it actually caused the PC to completely hang and I could only regain use by disconnecting the drive
I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of- including data recovery software- but simply can not get any access to the drive.
When plugged in to the PC, the connected device chime sounds, the LED on the drive is flashing, but nothing else otherwise
Im not aware of it being dropped or jolted in any way- no visible damage
PLEASE PLEASE can someone suggest how I can at least recover the important stuff from it? I know I can get a replacement as its under warranty but a blank drove is only useful once ive got the data back!!
Thanks in advance,


Have you tried replacing the USB cable. Also, if possible try another computer just for troubleshooting purposes.

If this does not work and you already tried a data recovery software then the only option would be a data recovery company.