WD MY Passport - SHOWING VCD/Secondary USB DRIVE

Hi Everyone,

Hope someone can help me.

I have purchased Western Digital WD WDBBEP7500ABK-PESN My Passport Essential 750GB Portable Drive. 2.5" USB 3.0 HDD.

This hard drive has been bought for the sole purpose to be used as my timeshift usb device on my Sharp TV.

However whenever it is plugged into my TV it shows up as if two usb devices have been plugged in, hence rendering the timeshift recording unusable.

WHY IS THIS OCCURRING? I BELIEVE IT IS DUE TO THE SES DRIVERS AUTO LAUNCH/ VCD. I have attempted software updates, different reformats using multiple software and even tried the VCD disablement tool with no avail!

I need a solution, this drive is no good to me otherwise and is sitting as a paper weight!



If you are not able to remove/hide the VCD with the steps on the link bellow, you should try contacting support.

How to remove (disable / hide) the Virtual CD (VCD) for Windows or Mac OSX on a WD My Book or WD My Passport


To contact Support:


Try posting in the TV section. The VCD may be a problem on the TV if there is no way to disable it there. On Windows 7 I simply disabled the VCD in the Device Manager. I don’t know about TVs if they have a similar option.