Should there be a Virtual CD (VCD) on the Passport Essential SE (USB 3.0)? Mine doesn't have it

I have a Passport Essential SE (USB 3.0) that doesn’t show any VCD drive when plugged in.  I get only

a drive J: that corresponds to the passport drive.

I don’t want the VCD but would like to know if my drive was supposed to have it as I have concerns over

whether my drive is working correctly.  I have done nothing to disable the VCD.

Can anyone comment on availability of VCD with this version of the Passport drive?

There’s no virtual CD on the newer drives. WD received a lot of complains from people that did not wanted the extra partition on the drive. The software comes on the drive and it can mount and Unlocker if you setup security. 

Feel free to install the Smartware and get familiar with the user manual that comes on the unit as well.

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this does not help when the soft ware says formatt to return MY PASSPORT to it factory condition and not this will leave it with NO OPORATING SYSTEM !!!

Patubt, you can always re-download the WD Smartware. Just visit the link below for more information: 

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL WHO OFFERD ADVICE.  My Passport now has a new operating system and I am back at work !!  Thanks!!

Glad to know is working :smiley: