Can not get rid of or hide the VCD

I have a WD passport 2TB portable hard drive and I need to use it on a system that does not support the use of this useless garbage partition. From what I’ve read you ‘can’t’ get rid of it, but you can hide it. And I’ve tried to follow the steps to hide it but the “WD smartware Virtual CD Manager” is unable to find my WD passport. And Yes I have updated the firmware. And would hiding the VCD partition even do anything? as in terms of would I then be able to use the system that does not support the VCD to access the “actual hard drive” to get the files off of it. Or would it just simply not work because the VCD is actually still there preventing the system from reading the hard drive.

Any help is greatly appreciated




The Virtual CD Manager is not compatible with the new generation of WD Passports as they automatically “hide” the VCD when there is no active security. If your WD Passport is still unable to communicate with your system, then it is possible they are not compatible.

Please bear in mind the WD Passport was designed to work on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS computer systems as backup, file transport, and/or storage devices.