WD My Passport is recognised by my mac but does not appear in finder

I have a 500GB my passport external hard drive which I use on my macbook air. Since a few months ago the drive just stop showing off in finder. I have bought a new cable but the problem remains the same. When I open Disk Utility I can see the drive there but nothing happens when press “mount”. Also, the USB and WD drive appear in System Information. I wish not to lose the information on my drive since there is backups from years back.
Please help me with a solution to my problem. I haven’t tried with another mac because I don’t have available one.

Hi petyr,

Maybe you can try to run the first aid test on the drive in disk utility.

Please refer to the link given below.

Hi petyr,

Can you see the drive in Disk Utility as greyed out? In my opinion, the disk is logically corrupt, i.e. it might have some issues with the partition table or some other corruption at file system level. Is the data enclosed within your 500 Gb drive backed up to another drive? If yes then go ahead and format your drive, and it should work as usual. Otherwise, you might need to recover the files from the unmounted drive using the software. I can recommend you Stellar Phoenix for Mac since it can perform recovery on an unmounted disk. You can try its demo first.

Yes, I can see the drive in Disk Utility as greyed out. I can run First Aid only on the USB External Physical Disk (with shows everything is ok) but not on the sub-category Logical Volume (which is in grey). Problem is that I this disk was supposed to be a backup of my data, so I really would wish not to lose anything.
The disk, however, appear to be full (only like 500MB free space) which might be part of the problem.

Try running a free data recovery scan on your WD logical volume with Stellar Phoenix demo. Let the software complete the scan and it will let you know the files you can restore. As I told earlier, if your files are saved then you can fix your drive by erasing it with Mac OS Journaled. But you need to pull out the files first.