WD My Cloud Slow - Incorrect Setup?

I need help with my hardware setup.  I was able to set up the My Cloud without issue and transferred my library.  It was a 1TB transfer that took >24 hrs which is understandable.  However, accessing it has become painfully slow.  Not just transferring files but simply opening the directory and trying to find a file within a folder.  A lot of clicking and waiting for everything to load…if it loads at all.

I’m running the My Cloud through an Airport Time Capsule via wifi as my modem is in different room than my “hub” – a 1 year old, recently updated iMac about 15 feet away.  Everything else about my network is fast - download speeds, communication between my Mac and Apple TVs, file transfers on a Seagate external hard drive, etc.  The only time my system gets bogged down is when I’m using the My Cloud.

As you can probably tell, I am a novice.  I feel like I have all the hardware I need but not entirely sure I have it set up correctly.  

It shouldn’t take 30 seconds to just view the file names in a particular folder, no?  Should I be connecting a different way?

First of all since you loaded up the My Cloud with data it is probably very busy scanning the content, it will take a day or so for that to complete before the My Cloud becomes responsive.

It is not recommended that you access your My Cloud via WiFi to obtain maximum performance. This will slow down uploads and downloads due to WiFi speeds.

Another thing that effects performance is what is running … I.E. Media Server on shares, Twonky (DNLA server), USB Devices connected to the My Cloud, TimeMachine, iTunes, Firmware build, etc …

I am assuming you are running an Apple Device as your OS since you mentioned you are connected through an Airport Time Capsule. You can search the forums for plenty of members with issues and recommended setups. Do a search for “iTunes”, “Mac”, “Airport”, etc…

What firmware are you running?

Bill_S. has posted a sticky: My Cloud becomes inaccessible when a USB drive with a TimeMachine backup is


Also cat0w has mentioned there is a Youtube Video of a review and he is running an Apple Computer: Western Digital WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage In-Depth Review - 2TB 3TB . This may help.