Slow WD MyCloud - direct connection to Macbook 12

After problems with slow WD MyCloud in network I tried to connect directly to Macbook 12.

It is same - slow loading of files and http://wdmycloud.local/UI/ in browser. I cannot use it.

I don’t understand what’s wrong. Thanks for help.

What speeds are you achieving to the My Cloud? How are you determining the My Cloud is slow? What speed tests (read/write) have you done to determine the My Cloud transfer speed across your network?

What is the network setup? Is the My Cloud connected to a Gigabit router? How is the Macbook connected to the local network? Using WiFi or Ethernet? If WiFi what is the WiFi connection speed? If Ethernet what is the connection Ethernet speed?

Basically more information is needed on what troubleshooting steps you’ve tried since so many local network devices/settings, including how the Macbook connection to the local network, can affect the speed of file transfer to/from a My Cloud.

Slow My Cloud Dashboard is another complaint that comes up from time to time. What troubleshooting steps have you tried? Have you tried using a different web browser? Have any browser add-on’s been disabled as a troubleshooting step?