WD MY CLOUD Server Connectivity Issues Post-Power Outage: Seeking Diagnostic Assistance

I own a WD MY CLOUD 2TB single-bay server (I believe it’s the first generation), and it has been operating flawlessly for several years. Recently, I encountered an issue following an unexpected power outage. Subsequently, my server started exhibiting peculiar behavior. Initially, I can access the server for a few minutes, but then the connection is lost, and it only restores after some time. There are instances where I notice the partitions have mounted correctly, visible in Windows Explorer, allowing me to browse files. However, after 1-2 minutes, the access is lost. This pattern repeats in the dashboard as well. I can navigate for a while, click through tabs, and then lose the connection. It’s worth noting that the blue light burned out a while back, making it impossible to determine the server’s status. Upon unplugging and plugging in, the initial light sequence involves the orange (or red) light flashing, followed by going out and remaining off.

Despite these issues, the server remains visible on the network (as confirmed by the router), and pinging it from the terminal consistently yields a response. Attempts to perform 4s and 40s reboots have proven unsuccessful. Unfortunately, connecting to the server via SSH is not possible.

The current software version is: WDMyCloud v04.05.00-353: Core F/W

I seek assistance in diagnosing this problem. Could the symptoms indicate disk corruption, or is there an alternative method to determine the cause of these issues? Your insights and guidance would be greatly appreciated.


What shows when you look at the Dashboard and click on Diagnosis? Click on, tap, or activate images to enlarge them.

What are the lights on the rear doing?

In Settings>Network what have you selected?

Mine is working fine on my home network. I reboot it once a week. Do you have WD Access? See image below from my computer.

Unfortunately I am not able to check this parameter, before it loads I usually lose the connection. Instead, I unplugged the disk from the server and plugged it into the computer. In CrystalDiskInfo program I scanned and below I paste the result.

Do you know maybe how to read it? Is it possible to repair this disk or do you have to buy a new one and recover as much as you can?

In addition, I was able to access the files on Windows through a program called “Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software”


Is this the device you own?

Yes, 1st generation, 2TB

Do a internet search for “Current Pending Sector Count” to see what that warning/error message means. You can decide, based on the various explanations what you plan to do. Example explanations and discussions on it:
S.M.A.R.T. Attribute: Current Pending Sector Count

It’s possible the drive is going bad. You may want to backup any data on that drive if possible. There are various ways to replace the first generation single bay My Cloud with a new drive. Use the forum search feature to find those numerous prior discussions and methods. One can try cloning the drive to another one of the same or large size.


I studied the topic a bit and contacted people on social media. I am currently planning to purchase a new power supply and a WD Red Plus 4TB drive. Then, I want to create a posectorized copy of the faulty drive to the new one using DMDE software. Later, a possible repair of the defective sectors and an attempt to install a larger drive in the NAS server.

Please advise if my plan is ok? Maybe I should do something else?