WD My Cloud NAS drive, Time Machine failing

I have a My Cloud NAS drive, 4TB. that I’ve been using with macOS Time Machine successfully for backups for a few months now. A few days ago TM failed, “Time Machine couldn’t back up to MyCLoud-OHURZU.local”. This was very close to when I installed macOS Monterey beta, I’m guessing but not certain that this is the problem.

a) thoughts
b) workarounds?

Many thanks

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Hi @kimaldis,

Please refer below link to check the Error: ‘Time Machine could not complete the backup.’ occurs when backing up to the Time Machine share:

Please refer below link to check macOS Time Machine Online User Guide and Solutions for more information:

Hope it helps!!

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I have the same issue post-beta install. I eventually got an error that the backup was no long reliable and offered to erase and restart which would mean losing months worth of file versioning (likely not needed but nice to have for peace of mind and more options). I went ahead and agreed to the rebuild since I have versioning with Back Blaze but still encounter regular issue which are all likely related to WD incompatibility with the latest macOS version (typical for them but more on mounting vs Time Machine). So we likely have to wait for months for WD updates or consider other solutions.

I don’t know what happened but suddenly it started working. I’d had the wd off while I messed around trying to get an old AirPort Extreme working, when I plugged the extreme back in again, it just worked.

There was never any problem with not seeing older backups, reading the wd was never a problem, even in Time Machine.

Hi @kimaldis,

Please refer below link to help you in best possible steps:

Like I said, it’s working.

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