Backup disk image could not be accessed

I’ve been using TimeMachine to back up on to a MyCloud Home for the past couple of years. For about the past two weeks I’ve been getting the following error message: “Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup to ‘MyCloud-xxxxxx.local’ - the backup disk image ‘MacBookAir.backupbundle’ could not be accessed (error 112)”. Apple is trying to say it’s a MyCloud Home issue rather than on their end, though I can continue to see the MyCloud Home drive in finder and my wife’s computer can backup to the drive without problems. Has anyone encountered this before?

Did you get any resolution to this problem? I’m getting the same error. I recently cloned my old HDD to an SSD and did an initial Time Machine back up, but have not been successful doing any subsequent back ups. Coincidentally, my last back up was Feb 10 (same date as your post).

Like you, the MyCloud drive shows up and is accessible in the Finder and I can get to the MyCloud Admin console as well.

Would really like to figure this out.

Hi, sorry I forgot to get back to this. It randomly started working again for a few days and then stopped again. I’ve been emailing support but nothing has helped so far (last email I got from them gave me steps for a My Book Live, which wasn’t particularly helpful). I don’t suppose you’ve had any luck?

Finally got there - I was using Sophos Antivirus and once I uninstalled that there were no issues. Now to find a suitable alternative!

(Shout out to Purimitla S from support who finally identified the issue)

No luck yet. Thanks for replying though.

Hmm. I don’t have Sophos installed. Must be something else. How did you narrow that down?

Support sent the following three suggestions; the third one was the one that helped in my case.