WD My Cloud Mirror - Sync, deleting files?

I’m thinking of buying a WD My Cloud Mirror.
But I have some questions first.

If I set it to automatically back up my and my wifes photos from our phones when we are at home. What will happen if I delete my photos on my iPhone camera roll?, will the wd cloud drive also delete them?

Because I want it to automatically back up the photos from our phones, but if I want to delete photos (to make storage space on the phone) I want the photos still exist in the cloud.

Is this possible? Or will it sync so if i delete a photo on my phone it also will delete it on the cloud.

It depends what software you use. The MCM is just a drive, so won’t do anything itself. But there are backup (WD Smartware) and sync (WD Sync) software options that you can download for free from WD to do it either way depending on what you need or want to do.

The auto backup feature of the My Cloud mobile app performs a copy backup of the .jpg and .mov files on the iphone.
Once the files have been backed up by the mobile app or if you select and send the files to My Cloud, you can delete them from your phone without affecting the saved copies on the My Cloud.

Personally, I use the PR4100 and the Mirror Gen2 as the backup of the PR4100.