WD My Cloud MIrror Dropbox App


Navigating to the page [1] describing the MCM supported third party apps I’ve noticed Dropbox is listed as available. However I’m not able to see it as available on my device (running 1.5, latest version). Is there a mistake in the FAQ page or is this something we will soon be able to install on our devices? I’d be extremly happy to be able to sync with my Dropbox account automatically.


[1]  http://setup.wd2go.com/?mod=faqs&device=mcm&faq=thirdParty

That list is subject to change according to WD  here. The most up-to-date list of apps is what you see in the dashboard itself. They are probably going to update and remove that info soon. But whatever app you see in your dashboard is what you currently will get.

Just a heads up the app appeared in the dashboard and can be installed. Thanks a lot WD & Dropbox!

I am interested in replacing an existing WD MBWE white light with a mirror or EX2 device, but I would like to be able to sync/backup to a cloud service such as dropbox or googledrive.

I notice that there is now an app for dropbox app listing, but is there more information available on how to configure this and whether multiple folders can be backup of, or only some file types? Other NAS vendors seem to already have this, so this feature and the functionality of the mobile apps would seem to be the a main differentiating point for me at the moment.