My Cloud Mirror: How to Sync with Commercial Cloud Service

Hello everyone and greetings from Italy!

We have a My Cloud Mirror with two 2TB disks in mirror of course. We have some important data on this NAS and I would like to create an off-site and more precisely: cloud based backup/sync of a folder (60GB). 2 weeks ago I have done the same setup with Qnap and Dropbox. It was so easy. I have tried the same here and I didn’t even find the cloud service which is supported by WD.

What I have done so far is to install the Dropbox app in WD console as administrator. I opened it up and tried to configure but we hadn’t got a Dropbox subscription for this so I have changed tab and registered an account. When I was back to admin console there was no more Dropbox app listed nor the Add-App button active. I mean it is not there where it was before and I can’t add it as I did before. What is the trick? Should I restart the device or update FW and restart too?


I would recommend you to firstly update the firmware manually of your My Cloud Mirror device. You can refer the link given below to download the firmware.

To install the Dropbox App on the device, refer to the link given.

I believe updating the firmware will resolve the issue for you so far.

Yeah, thanks all sorted now. Indeed I have done that first. The FW was a bit old. 2015 or something. v2.11.178. It says up-to-date. Anyway after the reboot my Dropbox app icon reappeared! I set the cloud sync, works now but slow. Probably connection issue.