Attempting to get My Cloud Dropbox app to work

Hi experts,

I am a new Dropbox user and trying to get my My Cloud Pro Series 4-Bay NAS to sync to Dropbox. I need to backup approx. 900gb of data to my 2TB Dropbox account.

I installed the Dropbox App and configured to my Dropbox account. I am struggling to specify the two folders I want to sync to Dropbox. Do I use Local Sync Folder? This only lets me set one folder and by default is /Public/Dropbox. Surely, I can sync two folders which are visible when I browse the Local Sync Folder, however I can only select one? Clearly I am missing something simple here as it shouldn’t be that hard.

Thanks in advance.


Lastly, when I select Dropbox Sync Folders to browse, the list is empty, the two shares I wan’t to back up don’t appear in the list.

Hi @mdm1,

Please refer to the below link to know to use Dropbox App on a My Cloud: