Backing up Dropbox using the WD Dropbox App

I find this article in the support knowledge database

Here, it mention that I can add the Dropbox app in my WD Dashboard but when I go to the dashboard in the Apps section I don’t have the option to add new apps.

Someone have the same problem or help me to solve?


Which My Cloud model do you have? Officially the single bay My Cloud models do not support third party modules/apps. Only the multi bay My Cloud models support third party modules/apps. Per the link you included in your post:

The My Passport, My Book, and My Cloud (Single-Bay) drives allow users to backup their data to an existing Dropbox account using WD SmartWare Pro, WD Backup. The My Cloud Dropbox App (Available on the multi-bay My Cloud drives) allows a user to sign-in to their Dropbox account and synchronize the data stored between the drive and Dropbox storage.

Unofficially one can enable/add third party modules/apps to the second generation v2.x firmware single bay My Cloud model. See the following discussion for more information:

Thank you for your answer.

I have installed WD Smartware Pro and I can back up my Dropbox account into my WD My Cloud.

Have a nice day