Support for dropbox?

When I bought MyCloud (original) it claimed tht it can automatically sync with dropbox, and I vaguely remember seeing the settings for it - but now that I went to go see about it, I cannot find any reference to it in the UI (it is still mentioned in docs, - but not how to do it)

Is this something still supported? How do you do it?

Also, I keep seeing references to syncing MyCloud to S3 - is that only on the higher end models or is it possible to do on MyCloud? I realize I can wrote my own code to do this off of a server, but I was hoping for something that runs on the MyCloud itself.


Dropbox support is available for the higher end units (i.e. Mirror, EX2, EX4) as a built in app on the dashboard.  For the MyCloud, you can use SmartWare or the My Cloud mobile app

That is odd. I happen to still have the box it came in and It flat out says it supports Dropbox sync right on the box . :frowning: (not to mention I thought I saw the settings for it in the past in the web UI) It is odd that it is not actually supported directly.

I loaded WS SmartView/SmartWare and SmartView sees the device and provides info about it,  but SmartWare ( does not seem to connect to the device at all. All I see is my computer and backup tab seems to be disabled.


In case this helps, the system log is filled with messages like this:

WDBUInterface unable to connect to SmartWareServerApp

Thats a very old version of smartware, current version is  Here is the download link if you need it:

Try with the latest version and let me know if that works for you.

I could not find this available for OSX.  Is it only available for Windows? 

As far as I can tell, I have the latest version of the OSX app(, and “Check for Update” button says no new updates :frowning: