WD My Cloud losing connection & Wrong free space evaluation

I’ve bought the MyCloud about a month ago. After fighting a lot with it at the start, we finally became acquainted to each other.

Since the beginning of this week, it has started to randomly lose the network connection.

I have added it as a network drive, and supercopier brings me the “connection lost, unable to copy” message everytime now. Nothing like that was happening beforehand.

I haven’t changed the settings on the computer or on the MyCloud since that time.

Haven’t updated to the latest firmware (as the changelog didn’t address any issue regarding my use of it).

Also, explorer and the firmware (on the web gui) don’t seem to agree on the remaining free space.

For some reason, I tend to trust explorer.exe more than the firmware on this case.

Tips anyone (I won’t upgrade the firmware, since it was working up till last sunday with the same firmware).

Were/are you using a static IP address for the unit?

Yes indeed, and it’s been the case since the beginning.

I have to add that the led on the device is static blue (and remains so), so it’s not asleep when these things happen.

The copy starts, a random percentage of the copy list is sent to the device, and then it hangs, giving me this error message.

Restarting the copy then works.

have you tried a static IP outside of the main range of ip addresses?

At the moment, it is connected to my modem/router so it is given a static IP by default,

But again, it was working as smoothly as it could until last week, with the same context.

check yr ip range from your router.  Set a static ip outside the range issued by default from yr router.

I see no point in doing this. It was working before, without me doing any change on the system or the device, using the same static ip.

I think it has to do something with the fact I gave it a letter in windows. I will try to unmap it and see if it works better.

The other issue is free space. Windows says 965Gb free, GUI says 1Tb. I hope I won’t lose any data because of wrong sizes issues.

Geez, this product is seriously getting on my nerves at the moment.

this is probably just rounding by the unit - cant see how data would be lost

groaaar wrote:

The other issue is free space. Windows says 965Gb free, GUI says 1Tb. 

It’s the same thing!!  :laughing:

Microsoft reports space as Tebibytes.

WD reports space as Terabytes



Ah ok, it was an “otherwise it would have been too easy” choice, then :wink:

At least that solves the different sizes issue, thanks.