WD My Book Studio 2 TB + Apple Airport Extreme Sleep Issues

Hi All,

Have just brought a 2TB WD Mybook Studio and it wont wake up after sleeping!

The drive functions perfectly when first started up and I have set the sleep timer on the drive to 45 mins. If unused the drive does sleep as expected, however will not wake up!

In order to start it up again I have to switch it off and on again. Is there anyway around this?


I have the same problem - everything was fine the first couple of days but at some point the MyBookLive went into standby mode - meaning that the Time Machine back up I have set up to run at 3am each day failed. The next morning I could not wake it from standby - although the PS3 I have also plugged into the Extreme via ethernet could. It streamed quite happily, but I could not access or see the MB from 2 different laptops in the house.

Unplugging the MB ethernet cable form the Extreme and plugging it back in mounted it  - but am I going to have to do this every day?

Is it an airport or MB issue? Either way - if the MBL doesn’t work with this set up, it’s going back.