My Book Studio goes offline

Thought my drive had died, until Time Machine wanted to do a backup.  Drive did not appear in Finder or in Disk Utility until TM started.  I wanted to use a second partition for hosting my iTunes and iPhoto libraries so I can stream to AppleTV, but if this thing is going to go offline it won’t be so useful.  In Systems Preferences --> Energy Saver, i deselected “Put hard disks to sleep when possible”.  Any other ideas out there? Thanks

WD has a nice user interface for Support, but it may be just that.  I posted a question to their support team two days ago and haven’t received an answer.  I resolved this issue by not checking “put hard drives to sleep” in Energy Saver in System Preferences.  Now my drive stays in Standby mode when its not in use.  Apparently this doesn’t work for some other, but its been 3 days and no problems.  Hate to think if I did have a probem, I’d get no answers from WD or this forum. Good luck All!

This is just a users forum. If nobody knows the answer they don’t post