My Book Studio connected via Airport Extreme - suddenly died


I have a 2TB My Book Studio connected via USB to an airport extreme. It is used to house my iTunes collection.

I was 15 hours into uploading the library to iTunes Match yesterday when it appears that the hard drive disconnected. Anyway, iTunes stopped responding and the green light indicator on the airport device blinked orange. The Airport utility kicks in and advised that there was a problem with the attached hard drive, connect it to the computer to fix. So I unplu from the airport and airport immedately starts responding again.

When I plug the hard drive into my MacBook Air (running OS X 10.7.2) the WD SmartWare logo appears in the top right corner as normal but the hard drive does not appear on the screen or in finder. Using the WDSW software I can run diagnostics and apply and unapply security settings but the device just doesn’t appear as a hard drive on the computer. I’ve updated the WD SmartWare software in the process but nothing appears to have changed.

Can anyone help me understand this problem and how to fix it? I’m not that skilled on Macs and expect I might just be doing something stupid. Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.



Hi there, is the drive seen on disk utility on USB or FireWire?

Hey I have the same exact problem.  I have been using my mybook (sounds redundant lol) with my airport extreme to back up automatically through time machine for over a year now. All of a sudden the other day it stopped working. I also connect my itunes through the hard drive. I really really hope my hard drive is not f’ed because I have about 200 gigs of music on there that I would be very upset if I had to replace. 

Anyways, Yes the disk mounts in disk utility when I connect it striaght to my macbook. Under 2 TB WD My Book, there is a sub hard drive called “disk1s2”. When I do the run repair and run verify on the main 2 TB WD My Book, its says both are ok. 

WHen I run those test under the “disk1s2” it says Invalid key length, could not be verified completely. UNder disk repair it says cant repair this disk,  Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files.

PLease tell me this isnt my worse nightmare, I mean who makes a back up of their back ups