Strange standby issues please help

Hi guys i seem to have a problem , i have just got a mybook live 2tb disk. It seems to consistantly wake from standby. With nothing connected to the network apart from the sky box it will go to sleep then quickly wake , each time doing this but staying asleep for slightly longer each time. What can be waking it could the sky box be waking it. Iv disabled all the media servers and remote access but still no joy any suggestions please.

You could try creating a system report and see if it shows something odd.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Create and Save System Report

I was able to achieve sleep mode by the following:


But yes, as soon as the MBL is access it will wake up, which could be the case here with sky box. Disconnect the box and see what happens.

  1. my 3 tb My Book Live  often spins up on its own for a while before going back to sleep… Media services in mbl are all disabled and my network devices are fully powered down-not in stanby. Should this be happening?