WD My Book Live - Unable to copy data - Error message: Not enough free space - non sense


I revently copied manually all my files from my Macbook and PC to my Time Capsule. I am now looking at copying these same files from my Time Capsule to my Live book 2T as a 2nd backup using my Mac’s Finder program. I simply copy and paste files from the Time Capsule to my Live Book but after many files are transferred a window pops up on my MAC saying “THE ITEM XXX CAN NOT BE COPIED BECAUSE THERE IS NOT ENOUGH FREE SPACE”.

I then tried using Carbon Copy Program to copy/move these files. Same Scenario as before. As soon as approx 4Gb of data is copied an error message appears with Carbon Copy Program: “THE DESTINATION VOLUMES IS FULL. Delete some items from the destination volume and empty the Trash to free up some space, then try the backup task again. If you have configured CCC to archive modified or deleted items, consider applying a more liberal archive pruning setting to free up space before the next backup task.”

It appears that the max amount I can transfer to my Live Book is approx only 4Gb regardless of how many Shares I’ve created. I initially thought each Share had a maximum data allowed of 4Gb so I created multiple private shares but I can’t transfer any additional data.

Any suggestions? Greatly appreciate your input.

Any share that you create on the MBL will have access to all of the available free space. Try to copy the files directly from the Macbook/PC to the MBL.