My Book Live DUO - Mac and permission issues

Hi there… Im new to the forum so hope you guys can help.

I have a My Book Live DUO 6TB hardrive and I use it to store my media files, both audio and video.

I also use it for Time Machine backups from X2 Macs, and this content is simply work files such as images etc.

I want to be able to set the unit up to RAID 01 standard… so it mirrors the content to the other dive, rendering it to 3TB X2 instead of 6TB overall. I have deleted the Time Machine backups and now want to copy my content across to my Mac for safe keeping in case there are any issues during the Raid process. I don’t have a USB drive that is big enough to create a safepoint. When I try and copy the files across I get an era saying “Items can’t be copied to “Desktop” because you don’t have permission to read them”. What does this mean? If I look at the folder I am trying to copy via the inspector it says that Unknown and Staff have access to read and right but ‘everyone’ is set at Read only and it won’t allow me to change it. Im sure this is simple but could anyone enlighten me on this?


Permissions were originally assigned to the files prior to transferring to the drive

check this article about permission issues on mac

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