Long time to copy file to My Book Live

I had My Book Live 2Tb for about a month now and have back up all my videos to it. Today I went to add another one which was 1.9 Gb long and I got a message saying it was going to take 15 hours to copy it. All the other ones didn’t take long. Is this normal?

I’m running windows 7 64bit.

No it’s not normal. It could be a problem with the drive itself or the drive might be corrupt.  Do You always remove it properly?


I don’t remove it it’s been connected since i’ve had it.

did it take 15 hours?  Are you connecting over wireless N or g to your router, or??

The problem may have been  with the My Book Live. Last night window couldn’t find it at all. I’ve returned it to PC World and they have replaced it.

I am now starting from scratch again, I’ve already up dated the firmware with no problem now I backing up files.

Lets hope I have no more problems.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Chrispy1,

I am experiencing the same problem you refer to. 

I have the MBL for about a week and am trying to back up my videos on MBL ( 760 GB size) and the system is telling me an estimated copy time of 162 hours.

I am using MAC (Snow Leopard).

I have checked deactivating the wifi to make sure it was not using it instead of the direct cable, but the speed has not changed. I have left the copy going on for 30 hours and it has only copied 131 GB so I guess the estimation is real.

The same problem sims to be afecting the Time Machine back up, that is also taking for ever to make the first 1TB backup.

Previous to this situation, I suffered from a problem of the system not recognizing the unit but this got solved spontaneously soon after I askef for help to WD.

Thanks for your help.

Well I’ve been running the WD Smartware  back-up for over 5 hours and it’s saying is 129.17 Gb of 669.73Gb. But on the right it says: Data Backed up Files 151 Size 663.44Mb. Below that it says Files Not Backed up 56,555 Size 319.02 GB. I’ve clicked the View files link to see what the files were, they were a mix of different types of files but in the columns for reasons not one is given for any of the files.

How can you rely on this device for back up when more than half the files don’t get saved?

Chrispy1 , what copying speed is Windows reporting? Last night I copied some mkv files (~8GB each) and the speed was 4-5MB/s. For me is ok because my laptop and router are using wifi standard 802.11n draft 2.0 also my router doesn’t have gigabit ethernet ports.

How do you find out the copying speed?

All I know is I have a Virgin Media Super Hub (NetGear C93101D) and both PC and hub are connected by gigabit ethernet ports.

I might have sorted my uploading speed. My PC was connected to router via Ethernet cable and I was getting around 56kb.

I connected with a WiFi dongle and I am now getting 34mb.

Stil getting a lot of un copied files with no reason given though.

That didn’t last long, now dropped down to between 4 - 5 Mb back to crawler lane.