WD My Book Live streaming on PS3 format not supported

I have movie files (avi, mkv, mpeg 4 etc) that will play on my PS3 when they are stored on a USB drive and plugged into the PS3.

The same movies will not play from the My Book Live. When I push the PS3 triangle and play the file, it says “File format not supported”

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Try going into the My book live twonky interface and from maintenance click on the restart server option.


I’ve followed these steps and still can’t view the videos from my ps3.

I can see the photos and listen to music that are on the WD MyBook, but cannot view videos.

It just says that the video content is not compatible.

I am able to view the videos from my laptop though. I’ve tried mp4, avi and none will work.

Any ideas what is going on?