WD My Book Live icon

Hope someone can assist me on this one i am running win 10 ( free version) when i click on this pc i do not see a my book live icon ,however on the left hand side i do see the word my book live also whe i map the drive it only stays on the pc until it is turned off then the drive i just mapped it is not found

Open/click This PC then on the left you should see NETWORK click that and it should show your MyBookLive which you would then double click on to open. If it’s not showing there you might need to activate SMB in Windows 10 as it is no longer setup by default.

As it’s a Network drive it won’t show up in This PC.

I went into network no my book live , followed the instructions how to do SMB it was already checked ,still no my book live !!! Is it still supported

Either it’s a bad unit or you’re doing something wrong…
As you can see in the picture mine is working fine. Even after putting in a new drive.