Can't see MyBookLive icon on My Computer

Hi guys, This is very annoying. I have lost the link to my book live on my My Computer. Now I cant find a way to access my files/mybook live. I can still access through the web browser and through the IP address. But not through the my computer window. I tried going to Disk Manager and I can’t see it there either. Please help. How do I map my hard drive if I know the IP address in windows 7?

Hi, you can map it again by clicking on Start and on then on the search bar enter \mybookliveduo, then right click on the public folder and select “map network drive”. You can also use the WDlink app, check the link below for the steps.…

Hi Alucardx23, Thank for the reply. I tried the WD link softweare, but even that says “No Storage Device Found”. but on my mac it still works fine. Also I notice, the HD has a blinking blue light now… Please help. THanks :neutral_face: