MyBook Live cannot be mapped!?!

I have Windows 7 64-BIT and my desk top cannot map the drive or access it. It can see the drive and I can access it from the IP address but I cannot use it for its purpose on the desktop. 

I can however see and use it on my laptop. I can’t figure out what’s wrong. 

Little help please

If you can access the drive just right click on the folder you want to map (public or download) and then map it. It will show on Computer with drive letter. If you want it to show on the desktop, once maped then create a shortcut.

I have had the same simlar situation,  WIN7 64,  except that my mapped drive was fine, and then presto it stopped working with the mapped drive.   It was fine by going to the IP address, but not the share name.

I’m RMAing the drive to WD, this week.  For this issue, as well as another where the lights in the front, are not on.   Even when transmitting data from the drive.     I have reset the drive, as well as pushed the button to reset.   They wern’t lit, for 2 days and then on Saturday night Poof, they turn back on.

This is enough.   RMA, is what I was told to do from the Tech guy that I called on Thursday/Friday.


you can’t just map [\mybooklive](file://mybooklive/)  you need to map [\mybooklive\public](file://%5C%5Cmybooklive%5Cpublic)

or, if you have access to another specific share, substitute that at the end instead of public.  I haven’t tried that.