WD My Book External HD - Issue: " Disk not formatted. Format drive now?" Problem

There seem to be a recurring issue with 500GB external Western Digital “My Book” Hard Drives (HD) & other models going bad. These HD go bad and display a message " disk not formatted. Do u want to format it now?"

There seem to be an issue with booting sector & partitions going bad.
We have tried solutions using “TestDisk” software solution with no success; See below

A fter rebooting nothing happens… we see the drive but not the data.

Request for FORUM Help:
Any one that has experienced this problem and identified the “solution”, we welcome your valuable input to save our data.

I’m running MSFT VISTA O/S and the hard drive is external.
Western Digital knows about the problem but offers not solution, their tech support service informed me to take the drive to a repair shop which is absurd. I will not purchase another low quality WD  drive again…

Step 1: Download ‘Testdisk’


A. At the first window, select “ No Log ” and press the < Enter > key.
B. Select which drive to analyse, choose “ Proceed ” and < Enter >.
C. Select partition type – Intel if it’s a PC then < Enter >.
D. Choose Advanced > press < Enter >.
E. Choose Boot > press < Enter >.
F. Choose Rebuild BS > press < Enter >.

G.Note: Do not need to choose Repair FAT, just exit the program. Computer should be able to recognize your hardisk again.

THE SOLUTION ABOVE DID NOT WORK!  Please advise Alternative solution.

Well dude, if Testdisk didn’t work then try with Photorec or Recuva, then move on to specialized recovery like Ontrack or Drive Savers.

Sometimes you can recover data by booting from a Linux Live CD.


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