My 2 TB WD Disk is not recongnized as formated, I have a lot of info there and I want to recover it

I used my external HD normally, and when I tried to use it again the computer recognized the disk as not formated. It also show a message “If you want to use the drive, you need to format it”, I cancelled the message and I am looking for help.

The disk has never fall down, and there wasn´t a blackout, I used it sometimes without regulation of power, but never I have seen problems before.

What OS are you using? Test Disk amy help


I have the same problem ! My drive does exactly the same, and I have stored 10 yrs worth of Data on it and I cannot even get it to respond. I definately will not ever buy one of these My Book garbage drives again. 3 Yrs warranty my rear end, doesnt help when you lose your data ! Big thumbs down for Western Digital !