Can't Format or partition My Book 6tb external hard drive

Need help if anyone can. Just bought a My Book 6TB external hard drive a few weeks ago. Attached it to my hp laptop running windows 10. The My Book does not show up in my file explorer feed whatsoever at all. I’ve downloaded both the WD smartware and the WD drive utilities programs. It won’t show up in the smartware utility at all and in the drive utilities shows up but as 0 bytes With diagnose, settings and drive erase grayed out. selectable but do nothing. When I try the drive erase it says an exception occured during the operation making the result invalid. When I try to use windows disk management it shows up under my windows disk 0 C&D partitions as disk 1. With no blue, black bar or otherwise. And device manager does nothing but give general information. and any other utility says it’s read only. I not only just bought this drive and never used it before for anything at all. I went back to Walmart and exchanged the original one guessing it was possible faulty. I just plugged it in a few hours ago and I’ve tried everything i know. Ive spent over 8 hours trying to fix this so far just trying to get it to run to put files on it. I already have a 500GB ans a 2TB previous my book drives and have never EVER had this kind of trouble. both those drives showed up. And I had no issue whatsoever formatting eighther one within minutes. I don’t understand what the problem is. This shouldn’t be this hard it a plug n’ play external hard drive. Simple as could be. And infuriating considering I just spent $179 on it. I also bought a 4TB portable hard drive for my xbox one and had no problems formatting or using it in any way works perfectly. If anyone has had the same issue or could help I’d greatly appreciate it.

Hi ChrisLog9980,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.