WD My Book Essential 1 TB Troubleshoot

I have a Western Digital My Book Essential 1 TB. I use a Mac with OS 10.6.6. 

I bought this external hard drive several months ago, and I put A TON of stuff on it! Now the thing won’t even spin up when I plug in the power source and USB cables. 

Very frustrating!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Tech support was of no use, as they basically told me there was something wrong with my computer and it couldn’t possibly be their product.

If the drive wont even spin up the its not getting power or it failed try another power adapter there is really not much to do with out it spining up.

Make sure to test the power adapter . I dont know how much of an electrition you are but if the power adapter is working they may be something wrong with the enclosure test all power options

I am at work right now and don’t have access to another power source, but I will most definitely give this a shot once I get home.

When I plug it up using the power cable with which it came, there is a light that does come on. However, that is all that it will do.

I will try your suggestion as soon as I get home!

Ok let me know the outcome :slight_smile: