My Book Essential 1TB - DEAD, I think!

I had my WD My Book Essential attached to my WDTV. 

My WDTV needed an update so I did that. After it my My Book is refusing to work.

I was using it for back up for Time Machine and also for all my Video’s and so on so forth!

The Power light on the front is just flashing and hasn’t stopped at all. It’s not showing up at all on my MacBook, so I can’t even try to format it (not that I want to do that)

Any idea what is happening. 

I’ve tired two different power cables and two different USB cables.

Please someone help, please!!!

Hi there, is the drive seen on Disk Utility (Go> Utilities> Disk Utility) on your Mac?

And since it is a MyBook Essential, what if you try a firmware update on a PC since it tends to bring the drive back to life?