WD My Book 3.0 wdbaak0010hch

I have to replace the original 1TB HDD. Do you know how to make a WD HDD 4TB or greater work? When I install a 4TB it’s not recognized. I’m using WIN 10 in an Alien Area 51 R2 although it gives the same results in a Dell Inspiron and Dell XPS 630i.

And what is the result?

If it’s not recognized, something is either wrong with the drive (not formatted, perhaps, which would be very unusual for a new drive), cable, etc.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve tried both 4TB WD Black and WD Green formatted on the Area 51. Under Disk Management it says “Unknown 4096.00 GB not initialized” “4096.00 unallocated”. When I try to initialize it says “Incorrect function”! A 2TB HDD works fine.