New 4TB My Book *unknown* in win 7

Brand-New just-purchased My Book 4TB showing as “Unknown” and “Not Initialized” under Windows Disk Management. HELP do I have to go to a linux OS to properly format this hunk of storage???

I tried using DISKPART but no dice. :frowning:


Hi wolfman2009,

You can have a look at this KBA:

these instructions are____. returned all 4TB My_Book external drives to WalMart and upgraded to 6TB thinking i’d get a better result …still get error message after trying to “initialize” this piece of ____ which essentially looks like a paperweight


followed instructions for Win7 & win 8.1 --tried pairing with the USB3 port on desktop, then on the win8.1 laptop with the same result.


do i have to return a 4th drive back to walmart because this zzzz been bounced around or what??? R

There are a number of different things that can cause that specific error message. A bad cable or port would be my first guess considering this occurred on multiple drives. Have you tried to initialize it on a different computer with a different USB cable?

Hello, Great Scott and thanks for the reply; unfortunately, this 6TB is new out-of-the-box with a new usb3 cable so I doubt that’s it and yes, I tried connecting to my win8.1 laptop with the same result. Also, I downloaded and ran the WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool and running the tests on the 25EE 6TB drive came back with these results when trying to erase the disk: Delete Partitions Error

& Failure on Erase

Now what do you think? RW

again, any thoughts before i return this brick to WalMart? R

I’d return it if you are able to do so- if you can’t, you can create an RMA online in most countries.That looks like a failed drive based on the limited data I have - I didn’t see the first one, but if the behavior was the same maybe something happened either in shipping or while it was on the shelves. Either that or you just got really unlucky.

I’ve actually been in a store when someone knocked a bunch of hard drives off a shelf and the employees just picked them up and put them back. Even with packing material, a large fall can still damage the platters inside the drives.

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thanks for all the help; returned drive for full refund. have a great weekend. :slight_smile: R