3tb My Book not working

Hi, I need help!

My 1 week old 3tb My Book suddenly stopped working, and is no longer recognised by my PC.

It lights up, and the PC makes the USB device connected sound, but the drive doesn’t show on My Computer.

When i go into Disk Management it shows Unknown Disk.

This disk is my main back up and has over 2tb data on it that i can’t afford to lose!


Make sure the that the drive power adapter is directly connected to a wall outlet. Then connect it again. Check drive status under disk management again.

Thanks for advise, but still nothing :frowning:

when i check disk manager says disk needs to be initialised. But when i click OK, message reads

The Request Could Not Be Performed Because Of An I/O Device Error.

Any ideas?

I/o error means the cable is broken. Try using a diff cable that is working properly. Also when you initialize the drive it will erase all the files inside the drive.

I advice you to contact them first for data recovery. Check the link  http://support.wdc.com/recovery/index.asp?lang=en&selregion=americas

Thanks forthe advise. Sadly, nothing happening.

Afraid its gone to the big external drive in the sky. Along with all my data.

Only a week old. Shocking. Will never buy Western Digital again.

Have you called WD for this?