WD Music Player - Playlist email links not working

I have an 8TB My Cloud Mirror, and I’ve got the WD My Cloud Desktop App open on a Mac. I can see all my music media in the Public Music folder, and I can create playlists and play music with the WD Music Player, no problem. However, to the right of the playlist name on the WD Music Player window, I see 3 options: Save, Email Link, and View Playlists. When I click on “Email Link”, it copies a link and pastes it into my email client, which in this case is Apple Mail. Just for grins, I emailed myself the email containing the link, but after I get the email and click on the link, Safari says it can’t connect to the server. 

Has anyone successfully gotten this to work? Are there any settings in the Dashboard required? I have the Media Streaming option turned on globally. Do I need to configure some port forwarding?


Have you tried using another browser?

Thank you, yes. I’ve tried both Safari and Chrome. Same thing. 

Does this work for everyone else?

Chances are it’s your router – not being able to resolve the name back into your internal network.

If your router doesn’t support NAT “Hairpinning,” it won’t work.

Thank you. 

Pardon my ignorance, but what “name” is it trying to resolve to?

Is there any kind of setup required on a “hairpinning enabled” router to get this to work, or does this feature work out of the box as long as the router supports loopback?

The registered name in WD’s servers… Something like mycloudmirror-device123456.wd2go,com

Thanks again. 

Just out of curiosity, for those that have this working, what happens after clicking on the link? Does it launch the WD Desktop app and play the audio file remotely?