WD Media Question - How To Cut The Cable Using WD Devices

I have been a long time proponent of the WD devices since my first WD TV Lilve box that I recieved a few years back.  Since then we’ve upgraded to the 1TB Media Hub but we kept our WDTV LIve and use both.  Now we are looking at how to “Cut The Cord”, a popular term meaning one who’s looking for an alternative to the Cable/Sattelite media delivery services.  I was hoping that some of the regulars here mnight have some ideas on how we can do this preferably using the WD devices since we trust them.  My WD devices have never faulted and we use them all the time.

What we need is a way to push HD media content (at least 720p but prefrably 1080p) from one storage area to multiple Tv’s.  I know with my Media Hub I can hook it to any TV but what I need is a way to deliver media from one fixed device to multiple TV’s (at least 3 if not 4) and do it in a way that each TV can watch something different from the others.  If I understand how Slingbox works that rules out the use of a Slingbox.

We don’t need a way to get the media content just a way to then distribute that to mutiple TV’s.  We realize this will almost certaionly involve buyig more hardware and thats fine. 



Hello, on the WD TV Live and the WD Live hub you have Netflix, you can access it to view series. You can also use a NAS device to hold your media files to stream them directly into each media player.


Thanks for replying.   We looked at NetFlix but its far too limited in what you get and how long you have to wait for a series (varies depending on the show/series unless it’s a NetFlix series like Daredevil) .  We also checked into Amazon’s service and we even revisited Tivo which we used back before HD Tv’s became common and before Tivo had an HD Device.  We loved Tivo back when we used it but unfortunately its still a very expensive option which I don’t understand since we know its effectively a computer with network access. 

So based on your comment are you saying that if we have the WD Media Hub hooked up to one TV and the WD TV Live hooked to another both of those can receive content from a central location that’s not one of the pre-configured services?  I thought the only thing you could stream to these devices was something that came over one of the services that are built into the Device like Netflix.

Assuming the above is correct then what would this central device need to be?  A windows computer? And do you know if each of the WD devices (that are connected to a TV) could receive separate streams/feeds at the same time or would all devices receiving content form this central device have to watch the same thing?

Thanks again

Hi, just extracted a bit of information from the Manual: “Enjoy media from any source – Stream videos, music, and photos from your USB drive, network drive, and any PC or Mac® computer in your home.” Like stated in the manual you can stream information that is physically located in a network location within your local network and all media player can stream something different, as long as you have enough network bandwidth.

If you are looking to become a “cord cutter”, then you are going to have to look at a different device than WD TV’s since they are not designed to be a cord cutting device, at least not in the way that most cord cutters would consider it to be.