WD live was working perfectly till yesterday

I hav e been playing .mkv files without any issue, however, since yesterday the WD live just freezes - in playing the same movie that I have watched atleast 2 times before. Tried searching for answers on this forum, and some folks talked abt static IP address…so I went ahead & even disconnected the network. Despite many re-boots the issue remains the same. I have the latest firmware, and had upgraded in the month of April…so this is not because of anything that just happened to this device.

Any suggestions guys ? I know a new beta firmware has been launched…however, do not want to try it at the moment (don’t want to brick my player)… 

I rebooted the player 3rd time and checked if anything else worked… nothing … not even Youtube is working. I checked internet connectivty and that test shows as “passed”… The menus are getting displayed correctly and the my USB HDD, gets recgonized properly… Any suggestions guys ?

Youtube is working fine… Pics are also getting displayed properly… the issue is with videos not coming up… Can anybody help ?

Most likely you tried playing an MKV file that was muxed with the newest version of MKVMerge - a definite no-no (you can check by using MediaInfo on that file.  Any version past 4.0 is Bad).

You can remux the offending file with an older version, or make sure you remux the latest and turn off audio and video header compression.  But in any case you will need to reset your Live unit AND leave it unplugged for a bit before all will start working again.  And then, whatever you do, do NOT play that file again (until you have fixed it).

mkelley…thanks for the suggestions… How do I “reset” my wd live player ? Does reset imply only plugging out power… ? And yes, I will delete the new mkv file format file from my HDD…

You need to either use the paperclip in the hole reset, or reset via the menu.  Then unplug your Live for at least ten minutes (more is better) from the power source, and turn back on.

Then you’ll need to reset your preferences, naturally.

Thanks a ton !! Much appreciated…WD live is back to working now 

I have the same problem. But none of the above trix work :frowning:

Welcome to the forums.

The *problem* with saying “I have the same problem” is that it doesn’t tell us anything.  You need to be MUCH more specific – how long have you had your Live, what file were you playing when it stopped working, how are you playing these files (local drive or net shares), what happened after you reset your Live (did you see the screen?  Does it then allow you to select a file to play?) etc. etc.

Please tell us all these things (and anything more) so we can more accurately figure out what’s going on.