WD Live Hub Not Showing in Workgroup

Hey Guys,

My WD TV Live Hub is not showing up in the workgroup name WORKGROUP in Windows 7. The hub is hard wired, physically connected to the same router/switch, is visible as a media device in Windows 7 and can be accessed through the web page, but since it doesn’t show up in the workgroup I cannot access the local 1TB drive or Public share.

All the workgroup names are the same (i.e. WORKGROUP) and the device is definitely accessible on the network via its IP address. Running a “net view” only shows the windows 7 machines and not the hub. “net view /domain” shows that there is only one domain (WORKGROUP).

With the device not in the workgroup I cannot issue the “net use z: //WDTVLIVEHUB/PUBLIC” command. The WD Link tool also shows the device is on the network but shows no volume names that can be mapped to a drive letter.

Any ideas?



You can try to map Z drive to Public directory on NAS with command:

net use z: //xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/PUBLIC

where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP of your NAS.

I am having the same issue. I previously had it working fine, then replaced my PC switch with a gigabit and now it’s not working. Undid the change and it’s still not showing my WDTVLiveHub on my network. I can get to the web interface just fine, but can’t map the network drive or browse to it on the network. This is from my Win7 machine. Can mount it without a problem on my Mac.