Any Device on Network which have not set "Workgroup" will not show up

Yeahh strange, but while the WD TV LIVE found all my Devices with 4 different Workgroup Names, the WD TV LIVE HUB needs the Devices that should be found to be set to “Workgroup” as Name of the Workgroup, everything else will not show up in the List?!

What’s the qeustion?    This fact is mentioned in the documentation…

What’s the Question? Well why the Hub acts different as the WD TV LIVE?

While the WD TV LIVE (Rest in Peace or better Pieces! Because of the 2 Months and still missing of the Auto Framerate Detection…) found ALL DEVICES meaningless of the Setting of Workgroup in the Network, the Hub finds nothing! First all must be set to Workgroup instead…

And also where is the NFS-Support gone?

They never supported NFS. Are we talking about the same device here?

Well if the WD TV LIVE never supported NFS then the CIFS was handled differently, because the WD TV LIVE never asked for any Username/Password and also all Devices independently of the Workgroup Names was Detected correctly, but no more on the WD TV LIVE HUB. I never tested if the WD TV LIVE HUB accessed the NFS or the CIFS, but the NAS’es never reported any Anonymous User trying to connect, so i suppose no Username/Password was used instead correctly on the WD TV LIVE for CIFS, dunno, and can’t test anymore, allready killed the WD TV LIVE because of the apparently dropped Support by WD (Framerate Detection still not implemented and probably will never…)

Anyway something has changed concerning CIFS then between WDTVLIVE and the WDTVLIVEHUB because i don’t see any non “Workgroup” Devices anymore while the WDTVLIVE Displayed all, so perhaps the Netscan works now different as before, who knows, but something was changed!

It is true that the Live and Live + will map all workgroups in the network, and the Hub will not.

I don’t remember what version the change was made, but they changed it at some point that it would NOT find things outside its workgroup, and then one or two versions later, they put it back.

I just noticed that your NAS’s are QNAPs.   It’s the same as me.  The NAS doesn’t report ANONYMOUS, the NAS reports the defined USERNAME associated with GUEST LOGINS.   In the QNAPs case, that user is “guest”

Yeah, so they definitly chaned somthing, would be nice if it would map all workgroups again, because i don’t want to change all o the same only for the HUB and also its possible that some of the Users reporting that the HUB does not find anything, runned in the same Problem but without knowing it is only because of the specified Workgroup, who knows.

And about the QNAP, its dependent of what Users have been specified, in my Case the User Anonymous is specified and has its own Rights and Password and also the same Share has more than one User specified, only the Shares for the Movies has apart of this set Guest access to Readonly. So an Empt String would be the best, but its not really a Problem anyway, its more cosmeticaly because it will report an error skip it but also login anyway.

And for some Reason my QNAP does not Report ist as Guest but as Logged in as Everyone then, but again Details, i never reported this as a standalone Bug here, for my its more cosmeticaly. But if i empty something i hate it if it is ignored and replaced with a Defaultstring regardless anyway… :wink:

Just got an Idea, perhaps it is possible to set an  “*” as Workgroup? If so it will again scan all i suppose, well i will test this…