WD Link doesn't find device

So this all worked fine but I had to reformat my machine. Network settings and device settings aren’t changed.

The Live HUb shows up in the network in explorer. 

However WD Link doesn’t find it and so I can’t map the drives or find another way to.

I have tried exceptions on fire wealls, unloading firewalls ect. WD Link just does no recognise the device as being there.

It’s windows 7 64bit and through a wireless network.

I had set it up previously on my laptop and that still works fine.

I can’t find what it is blocking it.

Check the WORKGROUP name on the formatted computer, and try to access the Hub with the IP it has by clicking start and then typing \theipaddressofyourHUB on the search bar, and then press enter.

Ok I fixed the problem.

IT was the WD Link software wouldn’t find the device.

However I used WD Discovery and it did it perfectly.

Guys, I have similar issue, equipment was working fine, but since last week, I can not connect to the WD TV live hub from my PC, I have Windows 7. I see it mapped as drive Z, ut all time it shows disconnected.

Yesterady I was trying several thinks but nothing worked, I eliminated drive Z, then I was trying to map it again, but device isnot recongnized (or the address), I can see the device when I go to networks on the windows explorer, but if I make double click on it I just got an error thet address cannot be found. I was unable to map it again. Using application Wd discovery I can not see the device, even I install WD link and nothing.

On the device I check and it shows that network settings are OK, I got IP address, sub net , etc. I can conet to the services on iternet. But I can not connect to the device from my computer. I tried with my wife’s computer  (windows 7) and the same.

I can not see the device with WD discovery either with WD link, either with the IP of the device.

Not sure if this could be related with any upgrade or something like that.

Could anybode provide help here?

Thank you…