Wd launcher cannot be run under this version of windows

I upgraded my PC to Windows 10 and it resulted in my Passport Elite 2500 returning the error message “wd launcher cannot be run under this version of windows”. I’ve downloaded and installed the drive manager 2.115 and the wdab_4.50.6554 software but with no success. I still get the error message. Is there other software I must download to make it so the launcher will run under Win 10?

Hi, the WD Anywhere Backup is not supported on Windows 10. You will need to use another application to backup your computer to the drive.

So understand you to say that my system is incompatible with Win 10 and I
need to get something new (an “application”) to use as an external backup?
By “application” do you mean that I need new software (which? from where?)
or hardware (e.g. a new backup unit)?

Thank you.


You need to get a new software, if you are willing you can buy a pro license for the WD Smartware which will allow you to backup your computer to any USB drive that is not an SSD. You can also use Windows 10 backup if you choose, there’s plenty information on google on how to use an external drive for backups on Windows 10.