Can't see backup files after Windows 10 upgrade

Recently upgraded to Windows 10 (freebie download). Since then I am unable to see my backed up files. Clicking the desktop shortcut brings an error message that WD Anywhere Backup is not compatible with this version of Windows. Attempts to install components of the software (Drive Utilities, Setup, Smartware) bring a message that “A newer version is already installed.” Anyone know what’s up with this?

Hello, what drive do you have? Unfortunately the WD Anywhere backup is not compatible with Windows 10, also if you used the WD Anywhere backup to backup your files you will need to access the information manually.

I have the WDBFJK0020HBK-04. As I said, I can’t see the files to access them. I have an older Windows XP machine. Should try to view the files on that computer? If I purchase another external drive, what model would you suggest in order to have it remain compatible with future Windows operating systems? Aside from all that, is there no way to recover my backed up files? Will I have to start anew with another drive?

The model of the drive that you have is actually compatible with Windows 10, so you should be fine. The software is the one not compatible, but on this drive you can use WD Smartware without a problem.

Now, in order to help you to try to recover the files, I just need something else, If you are able to see the drive on the “This PC” section

Sorry for my bad drawing technique.

Well if you are able to see it on that section, double click to open the drive and take a screenshot from it and post it here so I can see whats on the drive to see if I can assist.

Hi Iluna,

Here’s what I found. Let me know if it will work. And thanks for your help.

I hope you can read the files.


Thanks, for the pictures, this means that you are able to see the drive and access it manually.

If you backup using the WD Smartware your files should be in the WD SmartWare.swstor folder, unfortunately from here is all you, as you will need to go into that folder and check the subfolders until you find your information.

I’m not able to be at my home computer until this evening and will search the folder you identified. Does it make a difference that I have never knowingly backed up using WD Smartware? When I set up the external drive, I was using Windows 7, WD Anywhere Backup and something called Memeo.

I’m wondering, since my original files remain intact, if I would be able to somehow start anew using WD Smartware?

In any event, I truly appreciate the help you offered.

Thank you