WD Internal Hard Drive not working. Tried everything except opening it and didn't worked. Seeking a solution for this

I have a W
D Internal Drive that I was using for a long time. Actually i removed this hard disk from my laptop and used it as external drive for storing videos, music etc. by using this :point_down::point_down:

I used to connect this hard drive with my android TV and played videos there and i mostly didn’t removed it from the tv. It kept attached to the TV even when the TV was off. But some day the hard disk stopped working. And also the port where I used to connect the hard drive is also not working after Hard drive stopped working. I tried to format it various times in both mobile and TV but nothing happened. I used various softwares in laptop to fix it but it didn’t worked.

I tried to format it with disk management it showed “I\O Device” error while initialising it. Then attached the hard drive directly to my computer and it didn’t did anything. And today suddenly it came to my notice that the hard disk beeped 5 times.

Is There any fix to this? I am very sorry that i wrote this big. Please read my issue and send me the solution if possible.

All possible fixes are welcomed.

Thank You So Much

Sounds like the hard drive failed. Try reaching the support for this.

If you tried connecting it to a computer and it’s not even recognized as a raw disk, chances are high it has failed.

Yea i think this too. I just opened the hard drive and its head was stuck. I fixed it and again connected to my laptop. To my surprise it spinned but just for a few seconds and stopped spinning. I think PCB is not working.

BTW thanks for replying