WD Essential 1.5 TB no longer works on computer

Hi Guys,

Ok so ever since I updated the firmware and WD SmartWare my external hard drive hasn’t been working. I also changed the settings on the drive to stop it loading up a virtual cd drive.

When plugging into my computer it loads up as local disk J but when clicking on it nothing happens and my computer practically comes to a stand still.

Whats even stranger is that I have a panasonic tv with a usb port, the hard drive used to work and load up pretty quick. Whilst it still works with the tv it takes about ten minutes to find the files.

As a last resort I tried opening WD Smartware before plugging the Hard drive in. Upon plugging the hard drive in it recognised I’d plugged one in but said something about no valid wd partition.

I have tired changing my plug to a wall socket but im guessing as it still works on the tv that its something else.

I have many photos, videos and music files on this hard drive so any ideas would be appreciated.

I have the same issue with my WD Essential 500gb . If anyone can help I really need it. All my family photos are on this drive.

Sounds like it might be time for some data recovery software. I’m busy right now so perhaps someone can step in with some suggestions.