WD external hard drive won't turn on

Hey - I have a WD external hard drive that likely is 10+ years old. It was working a few weeks ago but now won’t even turn on. It’s almost as if there is an issue with the power. Any ideas? thanks!

that old its possible it finally bit the dust

try removing the disk and hook it up to a desktop and see if the disk itself still works

thx for response! any ideas on how to remove the disk? It doesn’t seem that there is anyway to get it out of the black plastic piece outside of it. I was thinking to try replacing the power cord?


It would be great if you can answer a few of my questions

  1. When you connect the WD drive is the light blinks?

  2. Have you checked your drive in Device Manager? If yes, then is it showing any kind of yellow exclamation mark?

  3. Have you checked drive status in Disk management. Please share what it is showing.

Thx for response! Light doesn’t blink. Is there a certain area under device manager that I should look? The status is “healthy” is disk management. Not sure if there is any other specific area to note?