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Cant seem to find an email address for WD so I am posting this question on here in the hope that someone can point me in the right direction.

Please could you advise me on what WD equipment I could use to get the best from my home network. I recently installed a CAT6 wired network with a wired speaker network, which I would like to use to distribute TV, Music, Photos and films around my house, room by room.

There’s only really 2 choices (I wouldn’t consider the WDTV Play as an option)

WDTV Live Hub or a WDTV Live Streaming (SMP)

I’m biased … i own a WDTV Live Hub which features a Twonky Media Server which enables

“Multi-room streaming to any DLNA device in your home”


eg. I can stream content from my WDTV Live Hub to another room which has a “Smart TV DLNA Certified” with no problems.

The only major difference between the 2 devices …

The WDTV (SMP) has built in WiFi (which you don’t need since you’re running a wired network)

The WDTV (SMP) is the newer device … so support it will be a bit longer.

(ie. The WDTV (SMP) recently received a Firmware Update the WDTV Live Hub didn’t)

The WDTV Live Hub has the built-in Twonky Media Server and an Internal 1 Terabyte Hard Drive.

Last Advice …

Read the Forums here for reviews and customer experiences and also Google Search for Reviews of both products to help you decide which device is suitable for you.

Thanks Joey

Your advice is much appreciated and I will look into the live hub route.

Just a quick question

Can you remote control your hub from any room as I am hoping to locate all my equipment in a cupboard under the stairs for central distribution of media.

Thanks again

When the WDTV Live Hub is streaming to other DLNA devices in other rooms … you can use “that” devices remote control to navigate and play Media stored on the WDTV Live Hub (and any attached USB drives)

eg. I can access the Media from the Live Hub on my Panasonic Smart TV in another room of the house … i press Viera Tools button on my TV Remote … select Media Server and presto i can play all Media from the WDTV Live Hub on my TV.

You won’t see the WDTV Live Hub “Interface / Screen” on the other devices … only the Media Files which you can play.

I’m also using a Wireless Modem Router (the WDTV Live Hub is using the Wired Connection from the Modem Router)

Using my 10" Tablet wirelessly stream / playback media from the WDTV Live Hub also … (Using XBMC / BubbleUpnp etc)

Thanks Again